Thursday, July 29, 2010

Portuguese Program at San Jose State

Boy, this project has taken on a life of its' own for me. I believe that it is so important to keep the Portuguese Studies Program at SJSU not only educationally, but culturally.

I have created a web page for the program so that people will know what it is going on and what the needs are of the PSP. It is critical that the Portuguese community assist in helping the SJSU PSP program keep going to grow and thrive.
Right now a student can earn a minor in Portuguese. We need to develop the numbers to create a major and then a masters.

Every year students are turned away because of a lack of funds to pay a professor to teach more sections. This is problem that has to be out to bed by growing the Portuguese Educational Endowment at the Tower Foundation of San Jose State University.
As immigration ends, we need to leave a legacy of our Portuguese presence in California and the West Coast in general. The PSP at SJSU is one way to do that.

I am now working with the PSP Advisory Board to put on the First Annual Evening at the Harvest or Noite nas Vindimas. I pray that this will be successful and that the community will turn for the event.